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Microsoft Expression

Latest Microsoft Expression Guides and Tutorials

A simple solution for fixing the “Configuring Expression Web” bug in Outlook is presented.

This tutorial will guide you through the basics of installing and running Microsoft Expression Web Designer.

This tutorial will show you how to create Area Text, also known as Text in a Path. Area Text allows you to constrain text within the area of a closed path or object.

Learn how to create a Halloween-themed text effect by applying dynamic Effects. Effects in EGD are editable and re-orderable, making it easy to experiment with different settings.

This tutorial will teach you how to remove text from a path. We will use Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer’s Release Text function to separate previously attached text.

There are two ways you can add text to a path. The first is to create the path and text separately, then combine them. The second way is to type the text directly onto the path. In our previous tutorial, we explored the first method and combined separate text and path. This guide will show you how to add text directly onto a path.

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